Service & Maintenance

“Professional service, rapid response” 

Peace of Mind Advanced-Door-Care-Service-and-Maintenance

No matter how good any equipment is, mechanical failure can never be totally ruled out. Investing in timely maintenance saves trouble and cost in the long run, while extending the lifetime of your equipment. As customers have differing needs, we offer a range of service and maintenance programmes, designed to cater for all needs.

Rapid Response Time

As our entrance products are often installed at main entrances and high security areas, we recognise that rapid response times in the event of a breakdown and appropriate and regular services are essential. Our maintenance agreements give you the cover and comfort of knowing continued safe entrance operation is readily to hand.

Professional Technicians

We employ well trained and highly skilled technicians to ensure correct service and maintenance of revolving doors and security access products. Our technicians are able to carry out services and maintenance of any entrance products across the industry.

Retrofits and Upgrades

We offer bespoke solutions for entrance modifications, ranging from refurbishment of old equipment to full safety, environmental or security upgrades of existing entrances.

  • Safety Plus EN16005
  • Full Valet
  • Replacement of horse hair
  • Drive System Refurbishment
  • Security Upgrades
  • Operational Upgrades
  • Introduce Night Sliding Doors
  • Matting

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