Frost Automatic

Frost Auto LogoAbout Frost Automatic :

In 2001 Frost International embarked on a huge Research and Development programme, which has resulted in the Frost Automatic, a single and bi-parting automatic sliding door operator, being successfully entered into the market late in 2004. Most recently Frost International has introduced the Frost Telescopic.

It is the only automatic sliding door operator, worldwide, that is researched, developed and is manufactured by a South African company, in South Africa. With more than 2500 installations since its launch in 2004, the Frost Automatic has proven to be a huge success and many national companies specify it on their projects. Its reliability is backed by the superior service offered by dedicated Frost International personnel.

The Frost Automatic  is exported into Africa and is available as an export quality product, manufactured in accordance with the British and EU standards and the relevant CE ratings.